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Latest Forecast for Region SP9
Today from 07:00 CEST 23/07/2018
1017mb Steady to 1017mb
Wind SSW 1 Veering SW 1
Sunny, Max Temp 27C

Tonight from 19:00 CEST 23/07/2018
1016mb Steady to 1015mb
Wind SSW 3, easing to 2 later
Sunny, Min Temp 27C

Tomorrow from 07:00 CEST 24/07/2018
1015mb Falling Slowly to 1013mb
Wind SW 2 Backing SSW 2
Sunny, Max Temp 28C




Before heading out to sea or making any navigational descision based on this forecast you must check with other local sources. Local weather agencies will always be best equipped to provide the information you need for passage planning and this forecast is designed to be supplemental to that process, not a replacement for it.